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The focus of the Great Plains Resource Conservation and Development is to empower local people by providing connections, training and skills needed to stabilize and grow our community while protecting and developing our natural resources. Great Plains RC&D also provides specific projects within our boundaries. Most projects are carried out by using local & volunteers utilizing help from local resources. The organizational purpose of RC&D is the conservation, development and utilization of natural resources to improve the general level of economic activity and to enhance the environment and standard of living in the RC&D area.  The RC&D program is truly a unique governmental program. Direction and leadership for the program come from local citizens. Due to this local leadership, Great Plains RC&D offers a variety of services designed specifically for our areas needs. Great Plains RC&D works together with area groups and organizations who share and have a working interest in the purpose and basic policies of the RC&D. The program emphasizes the grassroots involvement in making decisions about our local area.  The groups and organizations that work together with RC&D include: *county commissioners *Native American tribes *cities and towns *conservation districts *councils of government *health agencies *non-profit organizations *interested individuals electric/telephone cooperatives *Develop land and water resources for agricultural, municipal or industrial use, recreation and wildlife.  *Improve local and extended marketing of crops, livestock and forest products.  *Improve infrastructure of rural communities.  *Promote improved rural standard of living through economic and rural development. The key to the RC&D program is the process. It is a process of planning, coordination and cooperation that makes RC&D so successful. Committees are established and led by local volunteers. All available resources natural, human, technical, and financial are considered and figured into the project formula to obtain maximum results. By building public/private partnerships, Great Plains RC&D makes the best use of limited resources. Because local people set priorities, goals and objectives, projects vary. Long-range planning sets project ideas are only limited by the imagination of the Great Plains RC&D Council and their desire to see them through. Project areas include, but are not limited to: *rural fire protection  *grant writing *forage and livestock tours  *conservation education *tourism  *water quality *recreation  *agricultural alternatives *historic preservation  *leadership development *value-added products  *solid waste management  Great Plains RCD services may include grant research and proposal development assistance, conference and workshop planning, board consultation, area planning and technical assistance. If you are interested in volunteering to help with any of the projects that Great Plains RC&D is involved in, please call 580-832-3661 or email us at: greatplainsrcd@yahoo.com
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