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Western Oklahoma I-40 Corridor
Western Oklahoma I-40 Corridor Regional Team Meeting - Module 7

May 16, 2013 at the First Baptist Church in Erick, OK.

The meeting for Module 7 was held in the First Baptist Church in Erick, Oklahoma, although participants initially met in the nearby Roger Miller Museum to get a taste of the city’s history.  The meeting began with an overview of Modules 5 and 6 - in particular, how specific industries were chosen for the region to focus on (Module 5) and what C.A.R.E (Create, Attract, Retain, Expand) strategies were chosen for those industries (Module 6).  

Module #7 focused on “Asset Based Community Development” - in particular, uncovering what assets in the region might help achieve specific strategies.
The team worked through an exercise on asset mapping, which argues that the assets in a region can be put into four categories:

2.Voluntary Associations

3.Formal Institutions

4.Physical Resources

Participants came up with an impressive list of assets within the 4 counties comprising the OK I-40 Corridor team.  These included Rotary and Kiwanis clubs, various chambers of commerce, the SW Workforce Investment board, Great Plains RC&D, SWODA, the Foss Lake Association, Caddo Co. Industrial Authority, CORD, Young Professional groups, YMCAs, WVRP, SOIC, MODA, and AEDA.  The team created a list of current and future projects for team members who belonged to one of these organizations.
Later, the team worked on the concept of “The Seven Community Capitals” and discussed how efforts to build on one specific type of capital often spirals into building more than one.  Definitions of the community capitals are listed below.

A handout was provided to help think through what assets exist in the OK I-40 Corridor region, and what community capital(s) each of those assets are associated with.  This handout can be found here *(link to Linking Assets Handout PDF)*.  The team walked through this exercise for one of the goals developed during Module 6.  
Homework Assignments

Two homework assignments were given.  The first was to link regional assets with community capitals / barriers for each of the 6 strategies the team discussed during Module 6 (using Handout 6).  *(link to Linking Assets Handout PDF)*
OK I-40 Cluster Development Strategies (Assignment:  Link Assets / Community Capitals / Barriers):

    1.Retention and Expansion of Soap and Detergent Manufacturing
          a.Larry Wright & Jim Mason

    2.Expansion of Machine Shops
          a.Ed Cole & Amber Zimmerman

    3.Expanding Gypsum Process for Pharmaceuticals and Wallboard
          a.Kathie Price and Jodi Jackson

    4.Healthcare and Health Supplement Retail Creation
          a.Chuck Dougherty & Ron Wright

    5.Retirement Centers and Long-term Care Expansion
          a.(Done during Module 7 workshop)

    6.Attracting Energy and Healthcare Corporate / Regional Management / Administrative Offices
          a.Clark Southard & Jana Harris

The second homework assignment was to begin work on the High-Quality Regional Plan.  A template for the High-Quality Plan can be found on the “Materials” page.  *(link to materials page)*

High-Quality Plan Section Assignments:

    1.Region Description - Larry Wright

    2.Vision Statement - David Nowlin

    3.Regional Collaboration (list or Orgs involved) - Brian Whitacre

    4.Evidence Basis for Plan:
          a.Regional Demographic Data - Kathie Price
          b.Regional Economic Data - Ed Cole
          c.Regional Assets - Amber Zimmerman & Clark Southard
          d.Potential Barriers - Jana Harris

The next meeting will take place on June 12 in a location to be determined.  Progress on each homework assignment will be discussed during this meeting.  Module 8 will focus on defining regional goals and planning for action.  
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