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Stronger Economies Together
Western Oklahoma I-40 Corridor
Western Oklahoma I-40 Corridor Regional Team Meeting - Module 8

June 12, 2013 at the Community Center in Burns Flat, OK.

Module 8 of the Stronger Economies Together workshop was held in the Community Center in Burns Flat, Oklahoma.  The meeting began with a review of the homework assignments from Module 7.  Each team that was assigned one particular regional strategy walked the group through their progress on it, specifically discussing existing assets / community capitals / barriers that existed.  Two of the strategies that were presented (Animal Production and Machine Shops) are available here Linking Assets HW.pdf

Additionally, several sections of the High-Quality Plan were compiled and submitted for the group to view.  This included a region description, vision statement, list of participating organizations, and regional demographic data.  These completed assignments demonstrated that the group was effectively generating ideas that will be used in long-term economic development planning for the region.  A current version of the High-Quality Plan can be found here SET Regional Plan - OK I-40 Team 6-12-13
Module #8 focused on defining the attitudes, behaviors, and conditions that are associated with accomplishing specific goals.  The module stressed working backwards - first identifying what qualifies as a “success,” then defining the conditions (big picture / long-term changes) associated with that goal, moving on to behaviors (actions taken by individuals) that are necessary for those conditions, and finally looking at what attitudes (short-term individual elements) that can impact behaviors.  
The team broke up into sub-groups that worked through an exercise that defined attitudes, behaviors, and conditions for several goals specific to the Western Oklahoma I-40 Corridor Region:

    1.Energy Partnerships

    2.Addressing the shortage of RNs

    3.Potential Meat Production Facilities

    4.Community Awareness of SET goals
The sub-groups then developed a plan of action for each of these goals, with specific steps to accomplish, people responsible for each of those steps, and preliminary goal dates for each step.   
Plan of Action Examples.pdf

In the future, the entire group will work to develop specific Attitudes-Behaviors-Conditions for each of the goals that the group has identified (such as those in Module 7).  The group will also identify a plan of action for each goal, and these plans will be incorporated into the High-Quality Regional Plan.
The next meeting will take place on July 10 in a location to be determined.  Progress on the High-Quality Regional Plan will be discussed during this meeting.  The final module (Module 9) will focus how to effectively measure “success” and will discuss appropriate ways to track measures.  A return to the concept of SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-framed) will be used as the group continues to develop goals relevant to the region.  
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