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Stronger Economies Together
Western Oklahoma I-40 Corridor
SET Materials
Overview Materials
SET Program Overview 
MAP of Western OK I-40 Corridor Team Counties
News Release regarding selection of Western OK I-40 Corridor Team
Elevator Speech  (Why people should join our team)
Western OK I-40 Corridor Team Elevator Speech
Basic Demographic Profiles
Western OK I-40 Region
Beckham County
Caddo County
Custer County
Washita County
State of Oklahoma
Current C.A.R.E. (Create / Attract / Retain / Expand)
      Activities / Strategies in the Western OK I-40 Region
C.A.R.E. Summary - Western OK I-40
Module 5 Handouts (Cluster / Industry Data for the Western OK I-40 Region)
Creative, Working, and Service Class Occupations
Business and Industry Data
OK I-40 Clusters and Bubble Charts
Module 6 - Regional Cluster Reports
Energy Cluster Report
Agribusiness Cluster Report
Biomedical (Health) Cluster Report
Aerospace Cluster Report

Advanced Materials Cluster Report
Regional High-Quality Plan Template
Economic Development Plan Template for OK I-40 Region
National Curriculum
Southern Rural Development Center
Module 8 - Links
SET Regional Plan - Western Oklahoma I-40 Corridor
Linking Assets HW.pdf
SET Regional Plan - OK I-40 6-12-13.pdf

Plan of Action Examples.pdf
SET Contact Information
For more information about the SET program in Western Oklahoma, contact:
Larry Wright  - email: - (580) 772-4192
Brian Whitacre - email: - (580) 744-6083
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