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Stronger Economies Together
Western Oklahoma I-40 Corridor
The group then examined and explored the following four concepts of Competitive Advantage in relation to our regional economy:

1. Demand Conditions
          A. Demographic characteristics of the region that potentially influence demand
          B. Noted trends for the region:  
               i. increased Hispanic population
               ii. increased number of males age 20-29
               iii. increase in percentage with some college
          *See “demographics chart”*

2. Factor Conditions
          A. Infrastructure / Resources & Materials / Skilled Workforce
          B. Noted trends for the region:  
               i Infrastructure strengths / needs:  
                    1. Transportation (roads, railways), water / sewer, housing, school.  
               ii. Workforce needs:
                    1. HAZMAT, CDL, Drug testing, Health Care

3.Firm Strategy & Rivalry Composition
          A. Portfolio of businesses in region
          B. Regional strengths:  
               i.Jobs in mining, oil, gas, retail trade, agriculture.  
          C. Regional weaknesses:  
               i.Jobs in education, manufacturing
          *See “business and industry” bar graph*

4. Related & Supporting Industry
          A. Where do existing businesses buy / sell their goods?  Idea of “value chain” introduced

The group used “bubble charts” to identify industry clusters where the region might have a competitive advantage.  The chart displays the region’s clusters from 2006 - 2011
The horizontal axis is the Location Quotient for that industry
          ● Industries to the right of the axis have a high concentration of jobs in the region  
The vertical axis is the percent change in jobs over time.
          ● Industries above the axis have seen growth in the number of jobs   

The group used the tools and data discussed above to detect regional competitive advantages.  After voting, the consensus of the group was to seek additional information on (1) Energy, (2) Ag. Business, (3) Health Care, and (4) Aerospace.  Module 6 will explore these clusters in more detail.  

Each of the handouts for module 5 can be found in the Materials Section.

The next meeting will take place on March 13, 2013 in Sayre.  
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